Executive Employment Litigation and Arbitration

We are – first and foremost – seasoned trial litigators, with thousands of depositions and motions hearings, and hundreds of arbitrations, evidentiary hearings and trials under our collective belts. This experience provides us with unique perspectives in not only handling litigation matters but also counseling, negotiating and every other aspect of our practice.

As we are drafting policies and contracts, advising employers and executives concerning challenging terminations, conducting or representing clients in internal investigations, and handling administrative charges, audits, arbitration and litigation, our litigation expertise allows us to mitigate the risk of litigation and meet the business and professional goals of our clients.

We have over three decades of litigation and arbitration experience, handling all genre of employment-related litigation including:

  • Disputes concerning noncompete agreements and trade secrets.
  • Disputes concerning employment and partnership agreements and other employment-related contracts.
  • Claims between partners and owners and business “divorces.”
  • Claims concerning stock options and long-term incentive plans.
  • Employment discrimination and harassment claims.
  • Whistleblower and retaliation claims.