Author: Walker Livingston

Mitsubishi Chemical In-House Attorney Forged Document Supporting Discrimination Claim, Company Says

October 27, 2021 Employment Law Insights for the Executive Suite

On October 22, 2021, Mitsubishi Chemical filed a motion with the Southern District of New York alleged that former company Assistant and Acting General Counsel Jennifer Fischman forged a document to bolster her discrimination suit against the company. In 2018, Fischman sued Mitsubishi, alleging the company failed to promote her […]

Actor Who Faked Salacious Emails from Paramount Executives Arrested on Perjury Charges

September 23, 2021 Executive and Board Representation

On September 20, 2021, actor Rovier Carrington was arrested for allegedly faking salacious emails used to target two Viacom executives in a $50 million suit alleging sexual abuse and misconduct.  Carrington had initiated a civil action in 2018, accusing Paramount executives Brian Graden and Brad Grey of crimes, including sexual […]