Author: D'Ontae Sylvertooth

UnitedHealth Group and Others Slapped With a Class Action Lawsuit for Allegedly Entering into a No-Solicitation Conspiracy

March 19, 2021 Complex Employment Litigation and Arbitration

In a recent post, we highlighted two recent criminal cases brought by the Department of Justice.  One of those cases is back in the news as a consequence of a civil class action.  United Healthcare, one of the companies the DOJ claimed entered into an illegal no-solicitation agreement with Surgical […]

Fourth Circuit Refuses to Allow a Law Partner’s Title VII Claim to Proceed – Placing Limits on the Law’s Protections

March 8, 2021 Complex Employment Litigation and Arbitration

A critical point of contention in Lemon v. Myers Bigel, P.A., No. 19-1380 (4th Cir. Jan. 19, 2021) was who is considered an “employee” under Title VII’s anti-discrimination and retaliation provisions.  Shawna Lemon, a then equity partner at the law firm of Myers Bigel, P.A., filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination […]

Will We See the End of Non-Compete and No-Poach Agreements under the Biden Administration?

February 26, 2021 Complex Employment Litigation and Arbitration

Employers have relied for decades on non-compete and no-poach agreements to try to prevent former employees from misusing trade secrets and disrupting client relationships.  Non-compete agreements are agreements between an employee and an employer, which usually prohibit the employee from engaging in the same or similar line of work for […]