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We are intentionally different

About Us

We are your human resource.  Employment disputes can be complex matters, with sensitive and sometimes emotional outcomes. We recognize that no situation is ever the same for different clients or times. We are client-centric and seek to forge relationships with clients while handling some of their most uncomfortable and highly-sensitive matters.

Empathy is a part of our DNA.  We are dealing with people – you as the employer, accused or complainant – who will be impacted by the handling and outcome of these sensitive employment matters. Consequently, we take an intentional and thoughtful approach in providing counseling, conducting investigations and prosecuting and defending litigation. 

We are Diversity.  As a female and minority owned and staffed law firm, we recognize and celebrate individual strengths. Our goal is to reach out, mentor and empower our attorneys to succeed at the highest level possible. We don't just strive to be diverse – we are diverse.

There are no boundaries – BigLaw has become big business.  Law firms, in an effort to increase profits, have focused on their most profitable practices and partners and imposed restrictions on the types of clients and matters they can represent.  Often, BigLaw partners feel that there are more ceilings and walls than opportunities for growth and client service.  Here at Bertram LLP, there are no boundaries – no ceilings or walls – holding us back from meeting the needs of our clients and our Bertram LLP family.

Recognized By Industry Leaders

We are diverse.

We do the right thing.

We are intentionally different.

Our relationships matter.